Aircraft Rentals

Aircraft Rentals in Los Angeles

State-of-the-Art Fleet

Whether you fly Cirrus or Cessna, Mach 1 Aviation offers the best fleet of technologically advanced aircraft with some of the newest features available in Los Angeles at our facility in Van Nuys Airport. All of our aircraft are rigorously maintained and the level of care given to our aircraft on a daily basis is unmatched.

See below for current fleet information and photos.

  • 2011 CIRRUS SR 22 Turbo PERSPECTIVE (N521WP)

    Perspective by Garmin, Air-conditioning, XM Radio, Weather,

    Rates (dry)

    Hourly: $350/hr

    Block: $340/hr

    Member: $320/hr


    Equipment: Perspective by Garmin, Air-conditioning, Weather, Traffic

    Rates (dry)

    Hourly: $195/hr

    Block: $185/hr

    Member: $165/hr

  • 1985 Piper PA28-180 (N279PW)

    Rates (wet)

    Hourly: $180/hr

    Block: $170/hr

  • 1976 Beechcraft Duchess (N15U)

    Rates (wet)



  • TouchTrainer Simulator (FAA Approved)

    Equipment: Analog, Avidyne, Perspective, G1000, and more


    Hourly: $50/hr

    Block: $40/hr

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