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As one of only 12 Platinum Cirrus Training Centers, Cirrus has recognized us as a top tier Cirrus flight school with advanced equipment and exceptional training programs. Our instructors participate frequently in training and safety seminars as well as yearly audits from Cirrus themselves. We deliver industry-leading instruction in all of our available aircraft. Mach 1 Aviation conveniently located in Los Angeles is the place to be for Cirrus transition training and upgrades.

Why Visit Our Cirrus Training Center?

  • State-of-the-Art Fleet with the Latest Technology
  • One of Only 12 Platinum Cirrus Training Centers in U.S.
  • Full Range of Services from Pilot Licenses to Aircraft Management
  • Free Amenities and Refreshments

VFR Transition

The VFR Cirrus Transition is designed to provide licensed pilots with the knowledge needed to operate a Cirrus aircraft properly and safely, focusing on aircraft control, emergency procedures, avionics, and engine management, using Cirrus approved curriculum. This is not your standard checkout. It will give you the tools necessary to master the Cirrus inside and out.

IFR/Advanced Transition

The Advanced Cirrus Transition is more in depth than the VFR Transition and encompasses comprehensive instrument flight training to develop your proficiency in IFR conditions flying a Cirrus.

Cirrus Differences

Cirrus Differences are for experienced Cirrus pilots who want to expand their skills and knowledge into different areas of Cirrus flying.

We offer the following differences training:

  • Avionics: Go from Avidyne to the Perspective avionics suite and master basic programming tasks, course planning and communications control, PFD and MFD navigation, and autopilot use.
  • Airframe / Powerplant: Learn crucial engine management techniques for Turbo or Turbo-Normalized Cirrus aircraft to provide engine longevity, as well as high altitude flying and weather, with use of supplemental oxygen.

To learn more about our Cirrus curriculum and training programs, schedule a session with an instructor today.

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From commercial pilot courses to aircraft leaseback, Mach 1 Aviation offers exceptional service to first-time flyers and seasoned pilots alike. Conveniently located at Van Nuys airport, our fleet is comprised of the best planes in the industry. Here you will find top-of-the-line training and services and a team of friendly, experienced professionals looking out for your comfort.

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  • State-of-the-art fleet equipped with the latest technology
  • Full range of services from pilot training to aircraft management
  • Superior customer service
  • Complimentary amenities and refreshments
  • One of only 12 Platinum Cirrus Training Centers in U.S.