Instrument Rating

Instrument Rating

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Once you’ve obtained your private pilot certificate, the next step would be to receive additional training by getting an instrument rating. As an instrument rated pilot, you open up another avenue for flying that isn’t available as a private pilot.

During your instrument training you’ll learn many things, including:

  • How to navigate your aircraft through little to no visibility with your instruments as your only source of reference
  • How to fly on those cloudy days that would ground you as a private pilot, also makes you a better pilot for those clear beautiful days
  • Log ground training
  • FAA regulations
  • The various navigation instruments

Our Los Angeles flight training institution provides comprehensive pilot training instructions that adhere to the aviation industry’s safety standards and procedures. We improve flight proficiency and reinforce competency in the air and on the ground. You will learn a solid foundation of skills that you can build on as you continue to grow as a pilot.When it comes to world-class flight training, Mach 1 Aviation is the obvious choice.

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From commercial pilot courses to aircraft leaseback, Mach 1 Aviation offers exceptional service to first-time flyers and seasoned pilots alike. Conveniently located at Van Nuys airport, our fleet is comprised of the best planes in the industry. Here you will find top-of-the-line training and services and a team of friendly, experienced professionals looking out for your comfort.

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