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Mach 1 Aviation Los Angeles Flight School

Since 2007, Mach 1 Aviation has created pilots who are safe, proficient and have a love of flying. We continue to provide the newest and most technologically advanced general aviation aircraft on the market along with expert instruction. Our flight school was one of the first Platinum Cirrus Training Centers in the U.S. and is the only one in Los Angeles.

We pride ourselves on providing a welcoming and comfortable environment for the first timer or seasoned pilot. Our lobby area, conference room, pilot lounge, and viewing area are stocked with complimentary amenities and refreshments to ensure your enjoyment. Feel free to stop by any time to say hello, or use our site and call (877) 960-0511 today for more information.

  • Highly Qualified, Veteran Instructors with Thousands of Hours of Flight Time
  • Comprehensive Flight Training, Tailored to Your Goals
  • Full Range of Services for First-Timers
    and Seasoned Pilots
  • One of the First Platinum Training Centers in the U.S. and the Only One in L.A.
  • Newest and Most Advanced Aircraft in the Industry
  • Safe, Meticulously Maintained Aircraft Available to Rent

Flight Training at Our Platinum Cirrus Training Center

Whether you have never flown before or you want to advance your current pilot certificates, we can help. Our Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots conduct a flight training curriculum that leads the industry, and we provide newcomers and seasoned pilots alike with the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art aircraft.

We have hands-on flights for first timers interested in learning to fly, and we can help you build strong fundamental skills that will go with you throughout your flying career. Our instructors are experts in today’s technology and flight training techniques, and with our thousands of hours of experience, we believe that no other general aviation aircraft compares to the excellence and safety of our planes.

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Schedule An Aircraft and Instructor

Our online program makes it simple for you to schedule when you want to fly. Students and renters alike can see which aircraft and instructors are available on any given day and time and add themselves to the schedule with the click of a button. Use the link below to log into the Mach 1 Aviation calendar!