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About Mach 1 Aviation

Los Angeles Flight School

At Mach 1 Aviation, we have made it our mission to help those who love to fly achieve their goals. From training aspiring commercial pilots to those who fly as a hobby, we have a full range of aircraft training and management services. You can go from zero flight experience to proud owner of your personal jet right here. We provide comprehensive ground and flight training that adheres to the highest standards in safety and proficiency. Whatever your flying goals are, we can take you there.

State-of-the-Art Flight Training Center

You get to experience the most technologically advanced aircraft and equipment here at our state-of-the-art facility located inside Signature Flight Support West in Van Nuys Airport. As one of the first Platinum Cirrus Training Centers and the only one located in Los Angeles, we are known as one of the leading aviation training centers.

What makes Mach 1 Aviation unique?

  • Use of the newest and top-of-the-line planes in the industry
  • Industry-leading curriculum taught by experts
  • Comprehensive flight training, tailored to your goals

We also have a lobby area, as well as a conference room, pilot lounge, viewing area, and complimentary snacks and refreshments. Every detail of our facility is designed to maximize the comfort and experience of our clients. We love serving our clients and welcome you to stop by anytime.

Call Mach 1 Aviation at (877) 960-0511 or schedule a session online.

Meet The Mach 1 Aviation, Inc. Team

  • Jason Price
    Jason Price President
  • Erin Tomerlin
    Erin Tomerlin Chief Flight Instructor
  • Alexander Gornakov
    Alexander Gornakov Flight Instructor
  • Devin Vainer
    Devin Vainer Flight Instructor
  • Jim Campbell
    Jim Campbell Flight Instructor
  • Jason Price President
    Jason Price

    Platinum Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot ATP, CFIAIM Schedule Lesson

  • Erin Tomerlin Chief Flight Instructor
    Erin Tomerlin

    Schedule Lesson

  • Alexander Gornakov Flight Instructor
    Alexander Gornakov

    Training Center Instructor, MEII Schedule Lesson

  • Devin Vainer Flight Instructor
    Devin Vainer

    Training Center Instructor, CFII, MEI Schedule Lesson

  • Jim Campbell Flight Instructor
    Jim Campbell

    Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot Commercial, CFII Schedule Lesson

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How to Reach Us 877.960.0511 7240 Hayvenhurst Place, #247
Van Nuys, CA 91406 Map & Directions [+]
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Hear What Other
Pilots Have to Say

  • The Mach 1 Staff are incredibly helpful.

    “Flying was the thing I hated most. Put me in any plane and I would panic – so therefore, we drove – or we didn’t go. Randy put up with me – but his dream was to fly his own plane. He thought that was just a dream until one day, a friend showed us his Cirrus and explained all the safety features, such as the parachute and took us to the airport to see his plane. It looked and felt like an expensive sports car and the parachute made me very comfortable. Luckily I was referred to Jason Price – who was just forming Mach 1 Aviation, who took us up for a flight. I felt very safe with Jason’s expertise (as well as his patience) – so much so, that I decided to give it a try and take lessons. Randy was in heaven (no pun intended) and signed us both up. I formed a trust for “my teacher” Jason, that really surprised me, and I have amazed myself and everyone who knows me. I actually enjoy flying now – Jason is an incredible instructor – patient, talented, skilled and intuitive. The Mach 1 Staff are incredibly helpful – the relaxed yet professional atmosphere suits us perfectly. Last week, Randy & I (with Jason as our Pilot) said our vows and were wed about 4,500 feet over Malibu Beach, in the back seat of the Cirrus we are training in. A beautiful memory – and a beautiful beginning. Thanks Jason and Mach 1 Aviation!”

    Suzanne Olsen

  • I would highly recommend this FBO to anyone looking to re-enter flying after being away for an extended time.

    “An excellent place if you are interested in renting a plane. I got back into flying after eleven years, took my flight review from Kent Yarnell, and was thoroughly satisfied with both his thoroughness and professionalism. In addition to an excellent staff, the two 172s have state-of-the-art G1000 avionics and are well-maintained. They use an online scheduler, which really streamlines the process and is a great way to plan one's training. I would highly recommend this FBO to anyone looking to re-enter flying after being away for an extended time.”


  • Professional, knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend both Jason and Mach 1.

    “I have a heavy background in Customer Service (Disney) and can easily distinguish between those who do their job for money vs. those who do it for passion. Jason is definitely the latter. Professional, knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend both him and Mach 1.”


  • A very professional place is the simplest way for me to explain how my experience was. I will recommend Mach 1 to all my flying buddies.

    “A very professional place is the simplest way for me to explain how my experience was. Located in the same building as signature west, it was a bit overwhelming having lots of professional pilots and lots of expensive jets all around you; nevertheless, it was still welcoming and friendly. Best hour or so training I had in a while from any flight instructor. Defiantly [sic] ask for Tony as an instructor, he is down to earth, safe, knowledgeable, and friendly. Prices could be a little more then they should be but considering the fact that airplanes are thousands of dollar aircraft, I didn’t mind it so much. As we all know, the four force acting in a plane is thrust ( Money), Drag (reality)..etc. I will recommend Mach 1 to all my flying buddies and more importantly a good review any where I can.”

    Arturo C.

  • You couldn’t ask for a better school, aircraft, facility and staff.

    “I got my PPL ticket at Fly Mach 1 Aviation. This is the best flight school in the LA/Ventura area. Before Fly Mach 1 I cycled through at least seven flight instructors as a student. I started at a different school at Van Nuys in a Cessna 172. My initial instructor quit. Then I bounced around a few of the school’s newbie CFIs. I moved to a Cirrus school which no longer exists and was left high and dry just post solo. I felt that school was just cashing in on my instruction hours they went belly up. I found Fly Mach 1 owner Jason Price. He salvaged a bad situation and helped me get my private pilot license. I’m sure Fly Mach 1 Aviation would recognize this review. I’d be happy to speak in detail with anyone who is considering Fly Mach 1 Aviation. They can get you in touch with me via email. You couldn’t ask for a better school, aircraft, facility and staff. I have the picture, adventures and lifelong memories to prove it. Fly safe!”

    T. Mackel