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Los Angeles Commercial Pilot License

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Do you want to earn money being a pilot? A commercial rating is what you’ll need! We can train you from your instrument through your commercial rating which will bring your knowledge and skills up to professional pilot standards. At Mach 1 Aviation in Los Angeles, our world-class pilot training provides comprehensive training to ensure safety and proficiency in commercial aircraft operations and standards.

Why Choose Mach 1 Aviation?

  • State-of-the-Art Fleet with the Latest Technology
  • One of the First Platinum Cirrus Training Centers in the U.S.
  • The Only Platinum Cirrus Training Center in Los Angeles
  • Full Range of Services from Pilot Licenses to Aircraft Management
  • Free Amenities and Refreshments

After completing your training, you will be able to exude confidence that you can navigate your aircraft as a safe, competent, and professional pilot. We can help take your career to new heights as a commercial pilot of an airplane. Everything from ground instruction to flight training is provided.

Call us at (877) 960-0511 to start!

What Our Commercial Pilot Courses Teach:

  • Air law and procedures
  • Instrumentation
  • Navigation
  • Weather and meteorology
  • Flight theory and principles
  • Flight planning & monitoring
  • Air systems and equipment

Educating the New Generation of Pilots

If you own your own airplane, receiving additional training can offer a safer flying experience in your private aircraft. We utilize a structured approach to our lessons so they can be customized around your schedules.

Start learning from our experienced flight instructors and train with the best planes the aviation industry has to offer. Call (877) 960-0511 today!

Hear What Other
Pilots Have to Say

  • The aircraft are immaculate and all fairly new, and the office manager/flight dispatcher Sarah was extremely helpful.

    “I could not have had a better experience. The instructors are enthusiastic, knowledgable and incredibly talented. The aircraft are immaculate and all fairly new, and the office manager/flight dispatcher Sarah was extremely helpful.”


  • Luxury, reliability, safety and most important, a lot of fun.

    “When it was time to upgrade to glass cockpits and luxury aircraft, Mach 1 Aviation was my obvious choice. The cool thing about this operation is that it’s a boutique family run business located inside one of the most prestigious FBO chains in the country and on Van Nuys Airport which is one of the most busiest GA airports in the country. This combination gives you the best of both worlds, personalized customer service (they truly care about you) and world class FBO treatment along with awesome ramp personell [sic]. I got my private pilot’s license at Mach 1 in 2009 and I loved every second of the journey….yes, the Cirrus SR-20 is an expensive aircraft to train in, but you get what you pay for, luxury, reliability, safety and most important, a lot of fun. After all, this is a luxury business, you might as well go all out if you really want to train in a cool airplane. Over time, they’ve expanded and catered to a clientele that is looking for more affordable solutions, by providing a line of single engine Cessnas that range from under $100 to the mid buck fifty. Pretty good price for the latter since it comes with a glass cockpit. Good instructors, good service, good establishment…and the best part of all…..once you get your license, if you wanna show up at 3AM and fly one of their airplanes……you can, because the FBO is open all around the clock. Just make sure you have an account on file and you’re good to go!”

    R. Garay

  • The Mach 1 Staff are incredibly helpful.

    “Flying was the thing I hated most. Put me in any plane and I would panic – so therefore, we drove – or we didn’t go. Randy put up with me – but his dream was to fly his own plane. He thought that was just a dream until one day, a friend showed us his Cirrus and explained all the safety features, such as the parachute and took us to the airport to see his plane. It looked and felt like an expensive sports car and the parachute made me very comfortable. Luckily I was referred to Jason Price – who was just forming Mach 1 Aviation, who took us up for a flight. I felt very safe with Jason’s expertise (as well as his patience) – so much so, that I decided to give it a try and take lessons. Randy was in heaven (no pun intended) and signed us both up. I formed a trust for “my teacher” Jason, that really surprised me, and I have amazed myself and everyone who knows me. I actually enjoy flying now – Jason is an incredible instructor – patient, talented, skilled and intuitive. The Mach 1 Staff are incredibly helpful – the relaxed yet professional atmosphere suits us perfectly. Last week, Randy & I (with Jason as our Pilot) said our vows and were wed about 4,500 feet over Malibu Beach, in the back seat of the Cirrus we are training in. A beautiful memory – and a beautiful beginning. Thanks Jason and Mach 1 Aviation!”

    Suzanne Olsen

  • A very professional place is the simplest way for me to explain how my experience was. I will recommend Mach 1 to all my flying buddies.

    “A very professional place is the simplest way for me to explain how my experience was. Located in the same building as signature west, it was a bit overwhelming having lots of professional pilots and lots of expensive jets all around you; nevertheless, it was still welcoming and friendly. Best hour or so training I had in a while from any flight instructor. Defiantly [sic] ask for Tony as an instructor, he is down to earth, safe, knowledgeable, and friendly. Prices could be a little more then they should be but considering the fact that airplanes are thousands of dollar aircraft, I didn’t mind it so much. As we all know, the four force acting in a plane is thrust ( Money), Drag (reality)..etc. I will recommend Mach 1 to all my flying buddies and more importantly a good review any where I can.”

    Arturo C.

  • Professional, knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend both Jason and Mach 1.

    “I have a heavy background in Customer Service (Disney) and can easily distinguish between those who do their job for money vs. those who do it for passion. Jason is definitely the latter. Professional, knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend both him and Mach 1.”