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Private Pilot License

Flight Training in Los Angeles

Becoming a pilot is one of the most rewarding and thrilling things someone can accomplish. Some may want to learn to fly as a hobby, as a career, or to fulfill a lifelong dream. But the first step towards this goal is obtaining a private pilot license. From zero hours to your check ride, we can give you the tools and training to be a safe and proficient private pilot. Our Van Nuys Airport location will give you the perfect platform to learn how to navigate in today’s flying environment.

Our pilot license training includes:

  • Takeoffs
  • Landing
  • Flight maneuvers
  • Ground training
  • Aerodynamics
  • Airplane systems
  • Weather theory
  • Airplane regulations and compliance
  • And more

We train in both Cirrus and Cessna aircraft, all equipped with glass cockpits. Our training curriculum is tailored to your schedule to give you the best possible experience coupled with exceptional training techniques to prepare you for your first solo and into your FAA exam.

Add Wings to Your Life

We welcome individuals, military personnel, aspiring pilot instructors, and virtually anyone interested in joining the aviation field. Founded by a team of experienced pilots, we offer structured training and course curriculum to enrich your aviation skills.

Why train with Mach 1 Aviation?

  • Experienced instructors who are industry veterans
  • Advanced fleet technology
  • Integrated lessons for comprehensive training
  • Ability to work with the best planes in the industry

Learn more about our pilot training when you call (877) 960-0511.

Hear What Other
Pilots Have to Say

  • I would highly recommend this FBO to anyone looking to re-enter flying after being away for an extended time.

    “An excellent place if you are interested in renting a plane. I got back into flying after eleven years, took my flight review from Kent Yarnell, and was thoroughly satisfied with both his thoroughness and professionalism. In addition to an excellent staff, the two 172s have state-of-the-art G1000 avionics and are well-maintained. They use an online scheduler, which really streamlines the process and is a great way to plan one's training. I would highly recommend this FBO to anyone looking to re-enter flying after being away for an extended time.”


  • The Mach 1 Staff are incredibly helpful.

    “Flying was the thing I hated most. Put me in any plane and I would panic – so therefore, we drove – or we didn’t go. Randy put up with me – but his dream was to fly his own plane. He thought that was just a dream until one day, a friend showed us his Cirrus and explained all the safety features, such as the parachute and took us to the airport to see his plane. It looked and felt like an expensive sports car and the parachute made me very comfortable. Luckily I was referred to Jason Price – who was just forming Mach 1 Aviation, who took us up for a flight. I felt very safe with Jason’s expertise (as well as his patience) – so much so, that I decided to give it a try and take lessons. Randy was in heaven (no pun intended) and signed us both up. I formed a trust for “my teacher” Jason, that really surprised me, and I have amazed myself and everyone who knows me. I actually enjoy flying now – Jason is an incredible instructor – patient, talented, skilled and intuitive. The Mach 1 Staff are incredibly helpful – the relaxed yet professional atmosphere suits us perfectly. Last week, Randy & I (with Jason as our Pilot) said our vows and were wed about 4,500 feet over Malibu Beach, in the back seat of the Cirrus we are training in. A beautiful memory – and a beautiful beginning. Thanks Jason and Mach 1 Aviation!”

    Suzanne Olsen

  • Professional, knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend both Jason and Mach 1.

    “I have a heavy background in Customer Service (Disney) and can easily distinguish between those who do their job for money vs. those who do it for passion. Jason is definitely the latter. Professional, knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend both him and Mach 1.”


  • One of the most knowledgeable CFIs I have ever flown with

    “Decided to actually finish my private pilot training and was looking around for a school. I have about 65 hours in a Cessna but was thinking about finishing in a Cirrus. That is what attracted me to Mach 1. After talking with a couple friends who fly they talked me out of the Cirrus for now and convinced me to finish on the Cessna. My first lesson didn’t happen. The student from the day before left the master switch on and the battery was dead. Not the fault of the school. So I had a choice to go home or fly. So we went and got the keys to an SR20 and took a nice stroll though the skies over So Cal. The Cirrus was amazing but not really something that I am ready to convert to. I scheduled another flight with Jason and he might be one of the most knowledgeable CFIs I have ever flown with. He pointed out some really important bad habits that I have that only a real professional would know. We were up for almost 2 hours and it felt great. I was pretty rusty but it is like riding a bike. My first power off stall was great. I slammed the yoke in a little hard and we were diving at a 75 degree angle. Their planes are the newest fleet at KVNY. It was my first time flying with an all glass cockpit and it was so much nicer than I could have ever imagine. Everything is clean and well maintained. Tanks were full and ready so there wasn’t much time wasted. Looking forward to my next appointment tomorrow. Going to take one of the triplets who has never been in a plane before. I think I am more excited than him!”

    Dennis O.

  • The aircraft are immaculate and all fairly new, and the office manager/flight dispatcher Sarah was extremely helpful.

    “I could not have had a better experience. The instructors are enthusiastic, knowledgable and incredibly talented. The aircraft are immaculate and all fairly new, and the office manager/flight dispatcher Sarah was extremely helpful.”